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Superhero Games

Superheroes are another natural genre for role playing games, and such games didn't take long to arrive. The superhero genre didn't really take off until Champions appeared, and received another boost later when TSR and Mayfair games put out games licensed for the Marvel and DC universes. As of 2011, there are many choices for superhero RPGs that are still going strong.

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Superhero 2044 (1977)

The first superheroes RPG, but little more than a setting.

Villians & Vigilantes

Villians & Vigilantes, Revised Edition (1982)

Don't just play a superhero: be a superhero!


Marvel Superhero RPG (1984)

An elegant and simple system to introduce comic fans to the hobby.


Champions, 3rd Edition (1986)

The main superhero game for over a decade.

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