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Other Games

Welcome to our wing of unclassified games. Most of these games do have their own genres—westerns, gangsters, etc—but we don't have enough examples to open separate wings for each.

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En Garde!

En Garde! (1975)

Hardly an RPG at all. The Three Musketeers portrayed in a series of charts and tables.

Boot Hill

Boot Hill, 2nd Edition (1979)

The Old Prospector of RPGs. But smile when you say that, pardner.


Gangster! (1979)

Run a speakeasy, bordello, or casino in your game room for fun and profit. A real rarity.

Revised Recon

The Revised Recon (1986)

Jungles, guerrillas, and booby traps. Let's all go to Vietnam!

Bullwinkle and Rocky

The Bullwinkle and Rocky Role Playing Party Game (1988)

Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a game out of my hat! It's not Toon, but it does have the licenses for great characters.

Castle Falkenstein

Castle Falkenstein (1994)

Swashbuckling Magickal Victorian Steampunk! A clever setting and a clever, but broken game system.


Nexus: The Infinite City (1994)

Enter an interdimensional stew where anything can happen.


Over the Edge (1997)

A rules-light game of paranoia, conspiracy, and just plain strangeness.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon (1998)

Teenagers in sailor suits save the universe. An introduction to anime role playing through an adaptation of a popular licensed property.

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